Choose A Granite Monument For Your Gravesite


Most people do not know much about headstones, grave markers, and monuments until they need them. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge makes choosing the right one difficult. Monuments come in many different materials designed to last forever, but some materials are better than others. Granite is one of the best stones on the market for this type of task. Here are a few reasons why. Appearance Granite comes in a wide variety of colors.

28 November 2022

3 Ways You Can Pay For Your Funeral Pre-Arrangement Plans


Death eventually comes for everyone. Acknowledging this and pre-planning and pre-paying for your funeral can take a load of stress off your family during this difficult time. Funeral pre-arrangement plans guarantee you get the service you want and allow you to lock in today's pricing for this later event. Pre-paying even gives you numerous payment options. Here are a few ways to do so.   1. Buy An Insurance Policy The average funeral cost is quickly approaching $8,000 or more, depending on where you live.

28 November 2022

Funeral Or Memorial Service — Which Is Right For You?


Whether you're planning your own funeral arrangements or you're tasked with arranging for a loved one's, one of the first choices you'll need to make is whether to have a funeral or a memorial service. Many people think of these as interchangeable terms, but there are some key differences. What are some of these similarities and differences? And what do they mean for your arrangements? Here's what you need to know.

26 August 2022

Choosing The Best Cemetery For Your Loved One's Remains


The death of a loved one can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. There are many decisions that you may have to make concerning a deceased loved one in a short span of time. One of those decisions is the selection of a cemetery. Choosing the right burial site can seem difficult. There are many factors to consider. Here are a few of them. Location Cemeteries are places where people can go to pay their respects to the dead and reflect on the lives the deceased have led.

17 May 2022

Integrating Pop Culture Into A Funeral — Some Do's And Dont's


When it comes to planning a funeral, one key element is bringing in the personality and interests of the deceased loved one. But not all interests seem well suited to include at a serious occasion like a funeral. What can you do then? Should you ignore a more light-hearted or seemingly incongruous pop culture hobby or fandom? Or can you include it in a meaningful way? Here are a few do's and don'ts to achieve the right balance.

23 March 2022

When Multiple Family Members All Want to Keep A Loved One's Ashes


Cremation has such a sense of finality to it, doesn't it? Your beloved family member has passed away, their life was celebrated, a funeral was held, and then they were cremated. This isn't the final stage of the process. After the cremation, your loved one's ashes will have been placed inside an urn and presented to you. What happens when you and your other family members can't decide the best place for the ashes?

6 January 2022

Appropriate Ways To Work With Crematories


Crematories are special facilities that offer cremation services, which involve turning one's body into ashes. These remains can then be handled in different ways. If you plan on working with this type of facility, here are some helpful suggestions to consider. Select a Supplementary Service Just because you're having a loved one cremated, doesn't mean you can't still take advantage of memorial services. A lot of crematories will offer them to give families a complete experience for honoring the loved one that is now gone.

27 October 2021

How To Plan A Funeral


Death is such a grim topic that most people shy from talking about it. However, when a loved one dies, the stress and grief felt by loved ones are often too much to handle. Funeral homes help make all the necessary arrangements so that the bereaved family can mourn the deceased person. The burial process is complex in the midst of stress and pain. This article guides you on the essential steps you should take when a loved one passes away.

12 August 2021

5 Key Considerations Before You Purchase A Headstone


Burying your loved one in the cemetery requires a kind of marker to show where your beloved is buried. This marker is known as a headstone. It is usually positioned at the head of the grave, and it contains the following details: name, birth date, death date, and sometimes an image or a message about the deceased. However, before you shop for a suitable headstone, consider the following points. Preferred Style

10 June 2021

The Benefits Of Laying Out Funeral Pre-Arrangements Before You Die


You may have specific wishes that you want to be included with your final services. You could have certain prayers that you want said. You also may have preferences in what kind of music that you want to be played at your service. Rather than entrust your friends and family to remember what your preferences are, you can lay them out and put them in writing well before you actually pass away.

2 March 2021